ATHENS: Greek woman and a Pakistani man were arrested for possession of Kalashnikovs with 3 magazines

greek police

A 33-year-old Greek woman and a 17-year-old male of Pakistani origin were arrested yesterday in the Athens neighbourhood of Kypseli and charged with violating weapons laws.

In particular, police officers of the security team of the Sub-Directorate of Patrols of the Athens Police Directorate, as part of the patrols they carry out in Athens and, after investigating and utilising information, spotted the two people moving on foot in a street of Kypseli yesterday at noon carrying a bag.

They were immediately called to check with the minor, who was not complying with the instructions and was running away until he was stopped nearby.

A Kalashnikov rifle with three magazines and 140 cartridges was found and collected inside the bag.

The two persons were arrested and taken to the T.A. Agios Panteleimonas, which was ordered to investigate the case.

Those arrested were taken to the Athens District Attorney.

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