Michalis Afolayan: "I was arrested in Syros as an illegal immigrant," remembers Bakou from The Witch

Michalis Afolayan Syros

Michalis Afolayan talked about his career as an actor and the difficulties he faced until he obtained Greek citizenship.

Bakou from "I Magissa" was invited to the "2Night Show," where he also described how he was arrested in Syros because they thought he was an illegal immigrant.

The actor initially said: “I got Greek citizenship in August, after 23 years. Anyone with Greek blood is constitutionally entitled to be Greek. It's very soul-destroying, especially when you grow up in a condition and don't see yourself as a separate piece.

"You are part of the community. Especially at school, all my friends were from Greece, and my friends were Greek."

He continued, stressing: “Generally I lived in a world I considered myself a part of. After you turn 18, you start explaining where you come from, who you are, if you have a residence permit, and that's when you understand what's going on."

Finally, regarding his arrest, he stated: "I was arrested in Syros. It was sudden. They did a check on the street and I thought that with the birth certificate and common sense, you know the locality and Greek much better."

"It's shocking because you slowly realise that you are ranked and have a long way to go. You feel like a second-class citizen, and opportunities are missed," the actor added.

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