The best zeibekiko by wheelchair-bound man at his sister's wedding in Larissa!


Raphael Patronidis from Nikaia, Larissa, used a wheelchair from a young age due to a meningomyelocele in his spine. However, his health problem has never stopped him from moving forward in his life, winning one victory after another, even on the tennis courts.

Raphael showed the greatness of his soul this time off the field, dancing on the dance floor a zeibekiko at his sister's wedding.

Previously, he had taken care of taking lessons and training by contacting the well-known dance teacher, Christos Katunas. With a lot of work and love, the two of them succeeded, and at the wedding reception, Raphael was sensational, moving all the guests and, above all, his beloved sister.

Watch the video:

His teacher spoke about Raphael and the dance lessons they took in a post on social networks:

"If I feel more proud of anything, it will be for this moment!!! Raphael Christos Patronidis made his sister Constantina's wedding unforgettable with what he dedicated to her.

"Love Archangel….

"It is a significant song that he chose to dance to since, besides being the Greek tennis champion, he is also a true angel, a fighter of life, and a wonderful child who deeply entered my heart. His purity of soul and his passion for life are truly rare.

"It was a great life lesson for me... Raphael proved to us that there is no, I can't... but I don't want to...!!! Raphael fulfilled their promise to himself to dance for the 1st time, the best zeibekiko of his life.... the best gift for his beloved sister, and he succeeded.

"Raphael, it was an honour for you to choose me as your teacher in your very important family moment."

Watch the dance lessons video:

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