Who is Marina Satti, Greece's representative to Eurovision 2024?

Marina Satti greece Eurovision

Marina Satti will represent Greece at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest 2024 - Nancy Zampetoglou and Thanasis Anagnostopoulos announced the result through the show "Studio 4".

This year, the competition will be held in Malmö, Sweden‚ from 7 to 11 May 2024, and as always, Greece will be represented.

Her first statements

Marina Satti

She spoke about the decision to represent our country on the show: “Well, it's something we've been discussing for a few years. Indeed, the previous weather was not meant to happen. The fullness of time has come. I'm also more confident in myself.

"I've done what I wanted and learned some basic things because I didn't know anything. To release songs, to have a team, to have collaborators."

"I have been proposed to before. This is the third year. I don't know what changed; I thought sooner or later it would. I feel like I can manage it; I don't have anxiety. It's like my trips, playing festivals, meeting people from other countries.

"That's how I imagine it. It will show if it is so. I'm looking forward to it. If I think of it as a competition, it doesn't exist; it will stress me out."

She even explained that she had not announced the good news to those closest to her.

"I haven't told my mum. She will tell me again that he is learning everything lately. I have told my brother. And to the singing teacher.

"These days, when I think about it, I understand that it is a nice motivation to sit down and work again," she explained.

As she said afterwards, the song he will perform has yet to be chosen. "There is no song. We have ideas; I have some of my own. But because it's nice to have a dialogue.

"ERT has announced that for this year's Eurovision, producers can send their proposals.

"I hope for a development. I'll do what I am, though. We were also discussing this with ERT. Representing a country, you want to show something of it in the project where this thought existed. This is the research I'm doing, this experimentation with the songs.

"Let me say something crazy. Two months ago, we played in Malmö, Sweden. I am thrilled. I have a lot of appetite for work, and we are very good with many partners we have asked to work with. So I'm like, how about every year I do this to work with the people I want?"

The acclaimed performer and creator gladly accepted her proposal for ERT to represent our country in a symbolic year, which marks 50 years since Greece's first appearance at Eurovision in 1974. The song that Marina Satti will perform has yet to be chosen.

Therefore, ERT and its record company, Golden Records and Minos EMI, a Universal Music Company, and the performer wish this option to be as open as possible.

In this context, from tomorrow, October 25, 2023, to the email [email protected], any creators who wish to do so can send their proposals for complete songs until December 1, 2023.

According to EBU regulations, songs must be original and unreleased, with a maximum time of 3 minutes.

A few words about Marina Satti

Marina Satti

She graduated in classical piano, advanced theory in music, and majored in classical singing and acting. Still, she is also a scholar of the internationally renowned Berklee College of Music, where she studied orchestration, production and jazz music alongside Danilo Perez and Jamie Haddad, among others.

Marina Satti developed a personal sound that combines the musical traditions she grew up with, such as Greek, Arabic and Balkan.

Having represented Greece in the European Jazz Orchestra (EBU) with works by Peter Herbolzheimer, having sung at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington with the World Jazz Nonet and having participated in the a cappella vocal group The Singing Tribe in collaboration with Bobby McFerrin is a creator and performer who is challenging to categorise artistically.

Marina Satti

From the Concert Hall and the Lyric Stage to festivals in the highlands of Crete, it can be pop, ethnic and mainstream at the same time, just as it can be lyrical, urban and traditional at the same time.

The European media presented her as an ambassador of the Greek and Balkan scene, a particular route that marries traditional music with classical and contemporary pop.

In 2017, she reached the top of the charts with the single "Mantissa", while a little later, the audience welcomed "Ponos Kryfos", which premiered on the German COLORS (the first time for a Greek artist with Greek lyrics), taking another first on the NOWNESS platform, who first presented her excellent video clip for the traditional song "Why bird me".

Marina Satti

In 2017, she also founded CHÓRES [ˈkɔɾɛs], an all-female choral ensemble made up of more than 150 women aged 15-60, of which she maintains the artistic direction – an artistic nursery that aims to save, process and promote the richness of the Greek tradition, but also in the creation of an original musical repertoire and performance activities in collaboration with contemporary artists while reviving uniquely the traditional songs of yesterday with the sound and aesthetics of today.

In May 2022, she released her first full-length personal album, YENNA, while in 2023, she experimented by delivering the short documentary FLABOURO and TUCUTUM, a song-commentary on Balkan trap, which became viral in the summer.

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