Turkey from within Hagia Sophia incites Muslims to rally behind Gaza while killing Kurds in Syria

Hagia Sophia Ali Erbaş

Turkey, from within Hagia Sophia, incites the Ummah to rally behind Gaza, killing Muslim Kurdish babies and cutting water and electricity to northeast Syria.

Ali Erbaş, president of Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet), laments in Hagia Sophia, with a sword in hand, that "babies, children and old people, are murdered indiscriminately in a brutal manner" in Gaza and that the world is "simply observing this genocide."

The symbolism is very clear. With a sword in hand, from within a conquered Cathedral turned mosque, he is inciting 'the Ummah' behind the Palestine cause - all while Turkey, since October 4, continues its campaign of death and terror against Muslim Kurds (and other minorities) in northeast Syria by using drones, fighter jets and artillery to eliminate innocent babies, children and old people.

Erdogan bragged earlier this month that, unlike Israel, “Turkey does not kill children."

However, Mazlum Kobane, the commander-in-chief of the Kurdish-led SDF, recently tweeted: "The Turkish president’s statement naming the war that leads to cutting off water, electricity and roads and destroying infrastructure, places of worship and schools as ‘massacres’ is exactly what his government is doing in northeast Syria. Turkish occupation commits 'massacres' and war crimes every day."

But, the Ummah will continue ignoring the plight of the Kurds while espousing tropes about humanity when discussing Palestine, and Ali Erbaş and Diyanet will continue influencing Muslims all over the world.


"One of the greatest persecutions in human history is happening today in Gaza and Palestine.

"Innocent people, babies, women, children and old people .one Are murdered indiscriminately in a brutal manner. Houses, mosques, schools and even hospitals are bombed mercilessly!

"Before the eyes of the whole world, there is a great humanitarian crime. The world has lost all mercy and conscience, simply observing this genocide."

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