Double Earthquake Strikes between Kasos and Crete in the Aegean Sea 393342084 1730024800796884 7677598308925030215 n 1080

The earthquakes were relatively mild with a magnitude of 4.1, but they were notable as they occurred in quick succession. The epicenter of both earthquakes was in a sea area between the southeast Aegean island of Kasos and Crete, indicating that they were offshore events. The focal depth of both earthquakes was estimated to be 6 km, which is relatively shallow.

Following the two earthquakes, another tremor with a magnitude of 3 was recorded in the same area. This suggests that there may be ongoing seismic activity in the region. The National Observatory of Athens' Geodynamic Institute, along with the National Seismological Network, made the announcements regarding these earthquakes.

While the earthquakes were of a moderate magnitude, it is important for authorities and residents in the region to remain vigilant and prepared for any potential aftershocks. The occurrence of multiple earthquakes in a short span of time can sometimes indicate an increased risk of further seismic activity.

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