The Prestige Band Gives Prestige To Modern Greek Music

The Prestige Band

“The Prestige” Band is exactly what they appear to be, both on television and in person: courteous, respectful, friendly, and humble. On stage, they truly showcase their talent and love for music. The band has four members: Giannis Cheilas, the lead vocalist; Kimon Limenidis on keyboards; Nikos Papalexandrou on drums; and Thomas Poutas on guitar. They have collaborated with well-known Greek singers and have a deep passion for music.

The Prestige Band
The Prestige Band









Can you tell us the story behind the formation of The Prestige Band and how you decided on the name of the band?

When we were introduced to each other, the group formation was simply magical! (at least that's how we choose to see it). Otherwise, it's a classic story where someone knew someone who knew someone, and they knew someone from us and brought us into contact (we like puzzles)!! We've been active for about a decade as “Prestige”. We wanted a name for the group that would charm, just as we feel when we address the audience - charming!!! We wanted a strong name that can be interpreted in many different ways, as “Prestige” can have many different meanings for each of us. However, no matter how it's translated, it will be something positive.

Your music is known for its unique combination of genres. How would you describe your signature sound, and what inspires your eclectic songwriting style?

Every artist goes through a process of research to find their sound identity. This makes you try different genres, all representing a part of your character at that particular moment, which is reflected in the diversity you describe. Our inspiration is drawn from each of our moments as a group and from our musical preferences. After all, our world is full of stimuli.

The Prestige Band has collaborated with several prominent artists. Can you share memorable experiences or collaborations that significantly impacted your music?

We consider ourselves very lucky, as we had the opportunity to collaborate with great artists such as Nikos Vertis, Giorgos Sabanis, Helena Paparizou, Tamta, Konstantinos Argiros, Kalomira, and we will never forget that Camila Cabello joined our live performance, where she danced and sang with us!

The connection between band members is often crucial to a band's success. What do you think is the key factor that makes your band dynamic special, and how do you maintain that connection over time?

The main factor of our impetus is our love for music. Along the way, our friendship developed, and it's a relationship that is truly based on respect, understanding, and trust. Of course, like in all teams, disagreements can always arise, leading to something productive.

Every band has its iconic first song. Can you take us back to when you wrote and performed your debut song? What was the inspiration behind it?

Our debut took place in 2018 with the song "Now I Begin To Live," which was released by MINOS-EMI / Universal and marked the beginning of our music career. Even symbolically, it is the moment when we started living in the world of the music industry.

You appear on "The 2night Show" with Grigoris Arnaoutoglou on Antenna TV, which is a great achievement. What was that experience like and how did it affect your band's journey?

Indeed, we are participating in the most successful evening show on Greek television for the sixth consecutive year. The fact that we are part of a television program was a great challenge for us. Ultimately, it had only positive things to offer us as it helped improve our overall on-stage presence. Of course, it also made us recognizable throughout Greece.

Fan feedback is essential for artists. Can you share some memorable stories or comments from your fans that have touched you or greatly influenced your music?

We are a group that, apart from the music halls and concerts we appear in, we participate in many events, awards, weddings, and corporate gatherings. Every time we perform, our fan base grows, and we gain new friends who often send photos and videos of their significant moments.

Looking ahead, what are your future plans for The Prestige Band? Are there any upcoming projects, albums, or tours that your fans can look forward to?

Between the continuous touring, television show recordings, and rehearsals, we find the time in the studio to write new songs. So stay tuned. Exciting things are coming.

In the ever-evolving music industry, how do you see your genre, singing and composing, evolving in the coming years? Do you plan to incorporate any new elements or trends into your music?

Greece, the country we come from, has been a crossroads for thousands of years. We are very fortunate because our musical culture is influenced by all parts of the planet, from the East to the West. In pop music, which we serve, you can combine sounds from various music genres and past decades (we are fans of the ‘80s and ‘90s). However, we are open to all genres and musical possibilities! As long as the music moves us both in body and soul.

Finally, for the aspiring musicians out there, what advice would you give them based on your journey with The Prestige Band? What are the key lessons you learned along the way?

We have observed that many artists gave up quite quickly during their careers. In our case, persistence, passion for music, and excellent relationships among us are the factors for our journey so far. Our advice to young artists is not to neglect any of their dreams.

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