Macron proposes maritime humanitarian corridor to Gaza with Greece and Cyprus involvement

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The role of Cyprus as a base for an international humanitarian corridor for Gaza was revealed in Brussels after the EU Summit by French President Emmanuel Macron, stressing that Greece will also have a role in this project.

"French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking after a European Union summit in Brussels," said several European countries are looking to build up a "humanitarian coalition" regarding Gaza. Talks were being held with Cyprus and Greece over this.

The first contacts were made.

Macron stated that he already had the first consultations with Cypriot president Nikos Christodoulidis and is in close contact with Greece and all the European partners who will decide to participate in the specific operations.

However, he clarified that there should be a so-called humanitarian truce for the protection of civilians and for the success of efforts to free the hostages.

Answering questions from journalists, the French president said that the first goal is to send medicines and support by sea and air and in cooperation with the Israeli authorities, the United Nations and Egypt to organise the provision of humanitarian aid on land, even along the coasts and for this reason.

He said that the role of Cyprus, which is the closest member state in the region, is essential to facilitate either the transport of the injured or the sending of food and necessities.

On Thursday, the floating hospital "Tonnerre" of the French Navy departed from Toulon, bound for the maritime area of Gaza, to assist as soon as conditions permit in supporting Gaza hospitals to treat the wounded.

The Tonnerre is a 199-m-long Mistral-class amphibious helicopter carrier capable of conducting crisis management, patient transport and medical support operations by amphibious and airborne means.

In Cyprus, meanwhile, it became known that teams from 19 states have rushed to prepare in coordination with the Cypriot authorities for all scenarios, including refugees from Israel and Lebanon and the broader region.

These groups have been installed at the "Zino" Coordination Center in Larnaca, but also at the "Andreas Papandreou" base in Paphos.

Diplomatic sources told KYPE that if the need arises, it will be necessary to carry out a massive operation on a similar or even larger scale than the one in 2006, which took place due to the war in Lebanon at the time.

The role of Cyprus in such a large international humanitarian operation is something that particularly bothers Ankara.

It is no coincidence that the day before yesterday, the occupying leader Ersin Tatar complained that the presence in the Republic of Cyprus of groups from Germany, the USA and other countries specialising in extrication citizens from war zones constitutes a violation of the Treaties of Guarantees and that they should have previously sought Turkey's permission.

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