PASOK leader Androulakis' message on October 28: "We honour our ancestors, our heroes"

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PASOK-KINAL leader Nikos Androulakis criticised the government because, as he said, it did not support the United Nations resolution for a humanitarian truce in the Middle East right after the parade in Thessaloniki on Saturday.

He also referred to history, which fills every Greek woman and man with pride.

"We honour our ancestors, our heroes who wrote with their blood one of the most glorious pages in the history of the Greek people against the Italian conqueror. We will never forget them," Androulakis said.

"We must remember what the Greek people can achieve with unity, with faith. What can the Greek people achieve when they fight for high ideals and the homeland? However, today, I cannot help but refer to something I consider unthinkable.

"Greece is a country that always stands on the right side of history, respecting international law and humanity. I find it inconceivable that yesterday, our government did not support the United Nations resolution for a humanitarian truce in the Middle East.

"Humanity should not enter into any geopolitical scale. This was the attitude of the Greek people. This should also be the attitude of the government and our country on such important issues, which concern the stability and well-being of the peoples of the wider region."

Being a united society, we protect our country and our freedom, Kasselakis says

"Being a united society, we protect our country and our freedom," the leader of the main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Stefanos Kasselakis, said on Saturday and pledged that this unity will serve as the main opposition leader.

"It is an emotional day for our country, for our nation, for all Hellenism. Eighty-three years ago, Greece surprised the whole world. Much stronger countries than Greece fell against the onslaught of fascism in a few days, in a few weeks. We, the Greek people, said "No" and achieved the impossible," Kasselakis said.

"We achieved a resistance that changed history. We are the only country that celebrates both liberation and resistance against fascism. We must remember this day, draw inspiration from the struggles of the Greek people and realise every day that by being united, we protect our country and our freedom."

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