Konstantinos Vasalos "met" Dua Lipa a few months after flirting with her on Instagram

Konstantinos Vasalos, Dua Lipa

Konstantinos Vasalos had gone viral on Instagram last summer when he sent Dua Lipa: "Hello Dua. I'm Konstantinos from Greece. You are very beautiful and talented. I hope one day to meet you."

A few months later, the former reality TV player and Instagrammer met the famous British pop star.

He travelled to the Netherlands, and through an album of his photos, he has posted a snapshot of the "meeting" with Lipa. Posing next to an effigy of her, he writes: "It took a journey to conquer you, Dua!!!!!".

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In the same publication, he posted other photos from Amsterdam, where he found his "beloved", as he introduced Dua Lipa to his social media followers.

It included, among other things, their names written on the tickets and hearts around them and the identification of the word "love".

Look at the pictures:

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Unfortunate for Konstantinos is the fact that the singer is dating French director Romain Gavras, son of Greece-born Costa-Gavras (Konstantinos Gavras).

The son of Oscar-winning Greek director Costas Gavras, Romain is known for his creative work and this reportedly resonates with Lipa, who also comes from a creative background as a singer-songwriter.

The pair travelled Greece this summer.

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