This incredible luxury yacht is Greek!


From time to time in Greece, we have manufactured many vehicles, but unfortunately, they have ended...

Currently, the only company that manufactures vehicles and the largest percentage of them available in foreign markets is Replicar Hellas, whose yearly production is almost 40 vehicles...

While the automobile industry as a manufacturing industry is almost non-existent in our country, the opposite is true with the boat industry.

As we observe, more and more shipyards are building remarkable boats to the point that they have nothing to envy to their counterparts built in foreign shipyards. In fact, exports are constantly increasing and this is a very positive element.

At the same time, more and more new boats are coming out for sale and impress not only with their designer lines but for their quality and of course their sailing.

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It reminds me of home...

Among other things, for about two years now, a new Greek boat called Omikron has made its appearance. It is a polyester boat, which is 18.5 metres long (and 6 metres wide) and design-wise we could say that it resembles a sailboat without sails.

From there on, the interior resembles... home as it is equipped with all the comforts while having spaces that refer to a luxury home.

The particular one named OT-60 is available with 3 or 4 cabins for the guests and an additional one for the crew. In each room there is a separate toilet, while the kitchen is normal, as is of course the refrigerator .

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Go - come to Aegina with 150 euros!

In terms of engines, the set up concerns 2×150 or 2×250 hp diesel engines. These have very low consumptions that refer to an inflatable boat with a maximum speed of 16 miles.

To understand how low the consumptions are for a multi-ton boat, a trip from Glyfada to Aegina (and with the… rides) translates into almost 80 litres of fuel i.e. almost 150 euros.

Pricing for the Omikron OT-60 starts at 1.6 million euros and goes up depending on the equipment the prospective customer wants to add.

It should be noted that four boats have already been built and more will follow, since the interest is particularly strong from all over the world and especially from Arabia...

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