Workers from all over Greece are in Crete for olive picking

The Olive Harvest in Greece workers

Workers from the north of Greece are in Crete. The owners of olive groves find it challenging to find foreigners to pick the olive fruit.

The Labor Center of Heraklion, to deal with the problem of the lack of workers, "runs" a program with which the unemployed are motivated to work in the primary sector, specifically in the olive industry, by covering the costs of movement and relocation.

For the time being, 500 unemployed people participate in the program. This year, production has been down compared to last year due to weather conditions.

However, there is a great need for labour, with officials saying the island currently needs more than 10,000 workers.

The time to start harvesting depends on when the olive reaches its highest oil content. Each region has its own ripening time. The harvest begins in November and ends in February.

According to expert scientists, this period is the best for producing superior quality oil, containing all its excellent characteristics.

The picking of the olive plays an essential role in its cultivation and the quality of the oil. There are many ways of harvesting.

Many modern machines have replaced the grower's hand and made the process easier and more economical, but more is needed to replace the hand that protects the tree and selects the olive.

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