Sydney Council honours Greece's World War II rebuke of Axis powers: OXI 28 OCTOBER 1940

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The Inner West Council in Sydney, in partnership with the Sydney University's Australian Archaeological Institute, held a wreath-laying ceremony on Saturday, 28 October, at the Winged Victory Memorial in Little Greece ( Marrickville) to commemorate Greece's National "OXI" (NO) Day.

This was one of hundreds of similar community events held throughout Australia and indeed the world that sought to remember a historic day that saw a small but brave country stand up and rebuke the Axis Powers, a stance that ultimately entered Greece into World War II and changed the course of the Second World War leading Winston Churchill to say: "Greeks Don't Fight Like Heroes, Heroes Fight Like Greeks!"

"Greeks Don't Fight Like Heroes, Heroes Fight Like Greeks!"

During the war, 28 October was commemorated yearly, and after World War II, it became a public holiday in Greece and Cyprus. The events of 1940 are commemorated yearly with military and student parades, and public buildings and residences are decorated with national flags.

Important community leaders and representatives attended the event, including  Mayor Darcy Byrne, the Consul General of Greece in the city, Ioannis Mallikourtis, the Bishop of Harioupoleos, Bartholomew from the Archdiocese, and Minister Sofia Kotsi, who stood in for the State Prime Minister, Chris Minns. The event's coordination was overseen by Lawyer Theodora Mina-Gianniotis, who holds a role in development at the Australian Archaeological Institute of Athens. Playing a pivotal role in the event was Zoi Tsardoulia, a Greek-Australian city councillor within the Inner West Council.

2023 10 OXIDay InnerWest 28
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