Greece's Credit Rating Upgrade Welcomed by China: Positive Prospects for Economic Collaboration

China Stock Exchange

A congratulatory note was sent to the Ministry of National Economy & Finance on Monday by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, celebrating Greece's upgraded credit rating to investment grade by two of China's largest credit rating agencies.

The upgrade reflects China's confidence in Greece's improved economic situation, reduced threats to its banking system, ongoing reforms, and development prospects.

China Lianhe Credit Rating Co. (Lianhe Credit) upgraded Greece's long-term credit rating from BBB- to BBB with a stable outlook on October 27. Chengxin Credit Rating Group also improved the country's credit rating from BB+ to B- with a stable outlook on October 26.

China's assessment is that Greece's attainment of an investment-grade rating will significantly enhance its ability to attract Chinese investments in the Greek market, leading to positive outcomes in the two countries' dynamic economic and trade collaboration.

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