Erdogan's TOGG car was front-and-centre on Republic Day


Naturally, the Turkish car industry is popular in its country, and T10X owners flooded Istanbul.

An incredible motorcade of TOGG's formed in Istanbul on Sunday, October 29, a date of enormous importance for our neighbouring country - it marked 100 years since Kemal Atatürk founded Turkey as we know it today after the end of the Ottoman Empire.

The Turks duly celebrated this great anniversary by holding a large military parade with a huge public impact and attendance. The parade did not occur exactly as we imagine when we hear the word, but it had a little more... automotive "flavour".

More specifically, the TOGG T10X of the Turkish automaker of the same name appeared in… dozens, with owners waving Turkish flags as they crossed the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, creating a spectacle and patriotic-national symbolism.

The small and medium SUV is the first ever electric car that is entirely "Made in Turkey". It bears the seal of TOGG, a creation of five Turkish multinationals and enjoys the strong support of the country's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Sultan greatly helped the development of the automobile industry by exempting it from taxes, granting loans at low interest rates, and land for constructing facilities.

The TOGG T10X launched last March and has seen huge domestic demand, with 177,000 people expressing interest in buying it. Not even nine months have passed since its availability, 8,000 units have been sold, and the company wants to increase its production gradually.

TOGG is not only looking at its sales in Turkey, however, which is easy. Its goal is to export the model to Europe in 2024 and its dominance on a global scale in the long term.

The only version of the T10X currently has rear-wheel drive only and a battery with an energy capacity of 52.4 kWh or 88.5 kWh.

In both versions, the horsepower amounts to 218 and the torque to 350 Nm, while depending on which battery the car has, the autonomy reaches either 314 or 523 kilometres.

In terms of performance, the Turkish model accelerates from a standstill to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds and with a 180 kW fast charger, charging the battery from 20-80% takes less than half an hour, based on data published by TOGG.

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