This October was the warmest in Greece since 2010

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According to the network of 51 meteorological stations of the National Observatory of Athens/ that have been operating since 2010 until today, in October this year, the average value of the maximum daily temperatures fluctuated at highly high levels almost throughout Greece, compared to the average of the period 2010-2019.

This year's October was characterised by many days with positive temperature deviations, and except for the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, and Crete, it was the warmest October since 2010. Macedonia and Thrace recorded the most significant positive temperature deviations, with average monthly values ​​fluctuating 3.5 °C above normal seasonal levels. It was also hot for Thessaly (+2.8 °C), Central Greece, Epirus, the Iptane Islands, Western Greece and the Peloponnese (+2.7 °C).

The map shows the deviations of the average maximum temperature in October 2023 by geographical department.

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It is also noted the absence of negative temperature values ​​in all meteorological stations of the National Observatory of Athens/, even in the mountains at an altitude of more than 2,000 m. The following graph shows the days with negative temperature values ​​in October for five regions of Macedonia and Epirus from 2008 until today.


The following graph presents the ranking of October by year, according to the average monthly value of the maximum temperature. For the Aegean Islands and the Dodecanese, it was the 2nd warmest month in the last 15 years, and for Crete, the 3rd warmest. The last ten days of the month saw the most significant positive temperature deviations of 6-9 °C.


In Athens, the average monthly deviation of the maximum temperature was +1.9 °C, with 25 of the 31 days warmer than normal levels for the season. In Thessaloniki, 27 days of the month were more generous than the average value of 2010-2019, where the average maximum temperature fluctuated +2.9 ºC above normal levels. In Lefkada, the days with a positive temperature deviation were observed (31 days), followed by Ioannina and Igoumenitsa with 29 days. The most significant variation in average monthly maximum temperature was noted in Orestiada with +4.9 °C, and in second place in the ranking was Lemnos with +3.9 °C.

The last graph shows the values ​​of the deviations for all 51 weather stations.


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