Car license and passport will be added to the digital wallet within 6 months

digital wallet passport

In six months, the car registration license and the passport will be added to the digital wallet, according to an announcement by the Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou.

In his radio interview on Parapolitika FM, he emphasised that some legal procedures are pending, while the technical part is going quickly.

At the same time, he noted that the new wallet "is being created and new services will be included: the DYPA card, the ring, the new identity card and the diploma. The aim is that by the end of the year, the new wallet will now be the intermediate link between us and many services not only of the public but also of the private sector."

In the meantime, the minister pointed out that electronic calls and payments are also coming. In cooperation with the Ministry of Citizen Protection, the procedure regarding the calls will be simplified.

"It is a plan of a wider plan to digitise these processes as well. And calls will be cut electronically and paid for electronically."

Mr Papastergiou also referred to the new version of gov. gr, the presentation of which will take place in 15 days. "Now, with more than 1,600 services, it is not certain that we know what we want or even if we will find it because the list of services has grown a lot."

"With a digital assistant, we will describe or say in natural language what we want to do, and it will answer us either by writing or by converting the text into voice."

In the meantime, he also referred to the trial operation of artificial intelligence applications and, specifically, the tests of two different systems with smoke detectors in Penteli, where smoke can be detected in a radius of up to 5 km by using artificial intelligence technology which will be placed on existing mobile phone antennas.

As for dealing with winter weather phenomena, Mr Papastergiou emphasised that there are systems for immediate forecasting of flood phenomena and how they will develop from the moment they occur.

"For example, the combination of weather stations with stations that measure water levels in rivers can give this result," he added.

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