The Germans choose the beaches of Milos as the most beautiful in Greece

Firopotamos beach

Travel organisation HolidayCheck AG has revealed that the beaches of Milos island are particularly popular among Germans.

"Greece is not only a trendy holiday destination for Germans. You can find fantastic landscapes with impressive rocky landscapes and heavenly beaches with sand, pebbles, and turquoise waters on the Greek beaches," the Munich-based organisation wrote.

"Here, you can learn more about Greece's ten most beautiful beaches. Now you are spoiled for choice: Which dream beach do you want to visit on your next vacation and enjoy the sun ?" HolidayCheck AG said in selecting the ten most beautiful Greek beaches.

Specifically, Kleftiko and Sarakiniko of Milos occupy the second and third places of the choices and the first of the Cyclades.

The report on Kleftiko notes that "the isolated picturesque beach will impress you with its emerald waters between large white rocks. You can swim into and explore old pirate caves in the rock formations."

"Be sure to bring a snorkel and diving goggles to experience the fascinating underwater world up close. There are also guided sailing and snorkelling tours from various operators on site. Half-day tours, including lunch, are popular."

Kleftiko Beach, Milos
Kleftiko Beach

The description of Sarakiniko is equally ungodly: "To the north of the Greek island of Milos at Sarakiniko beach, you will find an amazing natural phenomenon: white stone rocks made of light volcanic rock gently nestle around the crystal clear waters.

"This picturesque sight is sure to captivate you!

"Many vacationers feel as if they are on another planet. Therefore, Sarakiniko Beach is also called Moon Beach and is referred to as a lunar landscape.

"To enjoy this phenomenon peacefully, you should be at the beach before 8 a.m. If the midday sun gets too hot, we recommend a trip to the Sarakinikos underground tunnel system."

Sarakiniko Beach in Milos, Greece
Sarakiniko Beach

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The company is a 100 per cent HolidayCheck Group AG, Munich subsidiary. The main shareholder of HolidayCheck Group AG is Burda Digital SE.

Tsigrado Beach, Milos
Tsigrado Beach

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