EVIA: The first images of the damage from the 5.1 Richter earthquake in Prokopi


Local media published the first images of the damage caused by the earthquake that occurred early Friday morning in Prokopi, Evia.

Despite the magnitude of 5.1, the damage in Evia caused by the earthquake is not significant. However, the powerful tremor knocked products off supermarket shelves and caused road landslides.

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According to the governor of Central Greece, Fanis Spanos, there is damage to shops and businesses with broken windows, mainly in Agios Ioannis ton Rossos. The landslides are on roads near the epicentre in the village of Pyli.

In fact, on the Kakia Skala road on the eastern side of the Aegean, the road has been closed.

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According to information online, material damage was also recorded at AT Mantoudiou, as the suspended ceiling of the building fell, while fortunately, there were no injuries.

At the same time, all Civil Protection forces are on alert. By order of the head of the Fire Brigade, Lt. Gen. Georgios Pournaras, they carry out patrols in the area. So far, according to the Fire Department, there have been no calls.

There are reports of small landslides from Prokopi to Pili, but the road has not been closed, or anyone has been trapped.

What do seismologists say?

"The earthquake happened in a mountainous area; it does not inspire concern," seismologist Kostas Papazachos told Proto Thema.

"It's early; we will need other bigger aftershocks," Gerasimos Papadopoulos emphasised in his Action24.

"The region's history has no greater dimensions," he said. "But I remember that there are also seismic surprises, so monitoring and evaluation is needed," he concluded.

According to the president of OASP, Efthymio Lekka, this earthquake occurred in an area with solid seismicity over time that has not produced large earthquakes.

"5 may also be the ceiling of earthquakes in the region. It is a cluster of faults with a NE direction; it also produced an earthquake 1.5 years ago. The good thing is that in this area, we don't have major earthquakes," he said.

"It is a given that we will have several aftershocks of small magnitude; this is what the area's history shows. It needs some attention, but there is no reason to panic.

"I don't think there will be such an effect that we will have a bigger earthquake. I say this with reservation and based on historical data", he concluded.

The director of research of the Geodynamic Institute, Athanasios Ganas, told Lamia Polis 87.7, "In all probability, there will not be a bigger earthquake with the data that exists so far, while it is perfect that there are aftershocks."

As he said in Prokopi, which happened, it is a small basin where the river descends, but the area does not have any fault. But rifts from the Aegean end up there.

He advised the residents living in old houses to be careful while estimating that there would be a seismic sequence for a few days, which he described as optimistic.

The director of the Geodynamic Institute, Akis Tselentis, announced the data he has gathered after the 5.1 Richter earthquake in Evia in a Facebook post.

According to his analysis, the post-seismic sequence "seems normal for now," adding that "it will give us aftershocks of the order of 4-4.5 Richter" and therefore, as he notes, "caution is required".

In this context, he asks those in the area to avoid steep slopes due to the high risk of landslides.

According to Akis Celentis, on the one hand, the history of the area has not shown a large earthquake, and on the other hand, in all probability, the 5.1 Richter earthquake was the main one. The post of Akis Celentis

What the director of the Geodynamic Institute wrote

"Regarding the earthquake in Evia:

1. The sequence seems normal for now, but it will give us aftershocks of the order of 4-4.5, so attention is required. Away from steep slopes due to the high risk of landslides.

2. The area's history has yet to show a significant earthquake.

3. I estimate that, MOST LIKELY, he was the gentleman.

4. You listen to announcements by INSTITUTIONAL BODIES and not by various risk experts.

I'm away; that's why you missed me tomorrow. I'm returning to Greece."

In the streets, students and residents in Mantoudi

In the meantime, residents and students in Mantoudi, immediately after the strong earthquake, took to the streets.

As the deputy mayor of Mantoudi, Yiannis Kantzouras, reported to Evima, "The earthquake was powerful and lasted a long time; everyone went out into the streets, and the world is trembling at the possibility of a bigger earthquake".

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The students came out to the forecourts immediately after the strong earthquake.

According to Evima, the recording of the damages has begun.

The mayor of Dirfyon-Messapion, Giorgos Psathas, also confirmed the prevailing disturbance. As he said, the students went out into the courtyards while the schools were closed today for precautionary reasons.

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