Fourteen Individuals Set to Face Court Proceedings After Scuffle in the Greek Capital

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Fourteen people have been apprehended and were scheduled to appear in court on Thursday following their arrests during a substantial clash involving members of far-right factions and participants in a counter-demonstration, as reported by Greek authorities.

Despite a comprehensive ban on demonstrations imposed by the police in greater Athens late Wednesday, supporters of the extreme right-wing organization Golden Dawn clashed with protesters from a rival rally led by left-wing groups who also defied the order.

The violence spilled from the heart of Athens to a train and a platform within the city's subway system.

Police initially detained 60 people but later released most of them. The 14 who have been arrested face charges of committing public disturbance offences.

A minister for public order said Thursday that an investigation had been launched into allegations of police brutality after an amateur video posted online appeared to show members of a motorcycle police unit repeatedly punching a detained protester on the ground.

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