Badosa's responds to comments that she is ruining Tsitsipas' career

tsitsidosa stefanos tsitsipas paula badosa july 2023 london

There are many people on social media who blame Paula Badosa for the bad performances of Stefanos Tsitsipas...

In the summer and up until the US Open, the Greek tennis player had a significant downturn, and there were media from abroad who claimed that the cause of this was his Spanish partner.

Badosa answered this in an interview she gave to El Pais.

tsitsidosa stefanos tsitsipas paula badosa july 2023 london

"This has hurt me beyond belief because, during my injury, I have devoted all my time to supporting him. We both love tennis, and Stefanos works very hard. We are on the same page regarding the goals we have set," said the Spaniard.

"We constantly talk about tennis and help each other. As you have seen, I have gone to matches to support him or the gym to help him, always respecting his team and his people," added Badosa.

"He, too, has supported me through my injury, and when we read all this, it affects us. At certain moments, people seem not to understand that what they write and say affects a relationship or you," the tennis player continued.

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa

"I understand that we are public figures, but in the end, we are two 25-year-olds with sensitivities. It's a pure relationship that grows, and people coming out and saying things is very serious because they destroy careers," she said.

"Careers of people who have dedicated their lives to doing what they do. It's not humane what they do," Badosa concluded on Wednesday, returning to active action with her national team at the Billie Jean King Cup.

Tsitsidosa Stefanos Tsitsipas Paula Badosa

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