Washington Post: Sifnos in the world's 10 Best Sea Autumn Destinations

Sifnos House, Kamares, Sifnos, Greece

According to the list published by the Washington Post, Sifnos is included in the ten suggestions for vacations in seaside places or islands worldwide that are the best to travel in the season.

According to the American newspaper, Sifnos, which represents Greece in the 8th place of the ranking, is the ideal choice for exciting outdoor activities, unforgettable culinary delights and unparalleled natural beauty.


The list also includes Portugal, Santa Lucia in the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Barrier Islands of South Carolina, the Seychelles, Tahiti, Bali, Aruba and the Sunny Isles beach area in Florida.

It is noted that following a planned journalistic mission of the municipality, Low Season Traveler recently highlighted the possibilities of Sifnos for unique travel experiences after August.

Sifnos Panagia Chrysopiyi

"This year's September ended with record arrivals, which justifies the efforts of professionals, local organisations and the Municipality of Sifnos to extend the tourist season," pointed out the mayor of Sifnos, Maria Nadali.

"Our initiatives for the organisation of important cultural events such as the 'Nikos Tselemendes' Cycladic Gastronomy Festival, but also for the promotion of thematic forms of tourism that are offered even after the high season, are also moving in this direction," she added.

Heronissos Fish Tavern sifnos

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