Greece should not be bearing the brunt of migration influx as a first-arrival country, notes Kasselakis in Brussels

Stefanos Kasselakis SYRIZA

A fair and just European Pact on Migration and asylum would mean "finding a way for Greece not to be bearing the brunt [of the migration influx] as a first-arrival country," noted SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis in statements in Brussels on Wednesday.

The recently elected main opposition party leader is paying his first official visit to Brussels, where he held several meetings with European parliamentarians and other EU officials.

Kasselakis also met with the Co-Chairs of the Left group in the European Parliament - GUE/NGL, Martin Schirdewan and Manon Aubry.

They discussed developments in Greece and in the rest of Europe and the European Left's initiatives ahead of the European Elections (June 6-9, 2024), noted Syriza party sources.

After congratulating Kasselakis, who recently won the electoral contest for the party's leadership, Schirdewan and Aubry reportedly noted the "great significance of Syriza's presence in the Left's Euro-team and the European Parliament at large".

Kasselakis noted that Syriza "will intensify its fight and its cooperation with progressive forces in the run-up to the European elections, both as a proud and active member of the Left's Euro-group and as a 'bridge' with the Greens and the Socialists."

They also discussed promoting yet further the Left's positions on economy and social justice, the rule of law, human rights and migration.

Finally, particular emphasis was paid to the climate crisis and the need to ensure peace in the Middle East and in Ukraine based on International Law.

An event that will be organized and held in Athens soon, where the European Left will be presenting its work, was also discussed and mentioned by Kasselakis in statements later.

At this event, "our Euro-group will highlight the excellent work it has done in recent years, and from there on, we will create our own agenda for the European Left and Syriza on the way to the European elections", said Kasselakis.

Describing the significance of his two-day Brussels visit, Kasselakis noted that this is being held as "Syriza's first step towards the European elections - during which I met yesterday with our Eurogroup, our MEPs. Today, I met with many officials on issues of the economy, migration, climate crisis and the rule of law."

As far as the rule of law is concerned, he added, "I highlighted major issues that we are experiencing in our country in recent weeks, and which I have also highlighted when in Greece."

A new financial tool to deal with damages impacted by the climate crisis was also underlined by Kasselakis.  

Concerning the EU Recovery Fund, "we want a program that will have [fund] absorption and diffusion throughout the economy - not just in a few large companies."

Kasselakis also met on Wednesday with the Co-President of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, Philippe Lamberts, with whom he discussed tackling the climate crisis, the fair transition to a green economy, and the significance of progressive forces collaborating to that effect, noted Syriza sources.

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