Peloponnese: Mitsotakis inaugurates new waste processing plant that creates "clean and cheap energy"


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed the inauguration of a new waste processing plant of the Peloponnese regional authority at the village of Paleochouni in Arcadia, on Wednesday.

Mitsotakis was given a tour of the new facility and was briefed on its capabilities, which reportedly render it the country's most advanced.

Landfills "and the mountains of rubbish that threaten public health will now be a thing of the past," he pointed out. This waste management unit also provides "relief to taxpayers and the country overall from constant fines issued by the European Union."

The new plant will offer clean, cheap energy, while at the same time create new markets for recyclables and for secondary fuel," he noted.

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The plant's green energy output equals the energy needs of some 6,000 households, while it also reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 24,000 tons, Mitsotakis added.

Eight hundred jobs were created to construct the plant, while more than two hundred jobs are required to run it and maintain it, he said.

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The new waste processing plant at Paleochouni can handle 105,000 tons annually, taking in waste from the regions of Arcadia, Argolida, and Corinthia.

It was also noted that in 2019 Greece only had 3 such waste processing plants and another 5 under construction. Today the country has 11 such facilities, with another 16 under construction and another 10 expected to be contracted in 2024.

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