40th Authentic Athens Marathon: Thousands of runners flooded the capital for the 10 km race - See photos

40th Authentic Athens Marathon

The opening ceremony of the 40th Authentic Athens Marathon was held at the Marathon Tomb. The competition program opened with the 10 km road race.

The start was given on Amalia Avenue, and the city centre was filled with runners of all ages.

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Images from Proto Thema.

The public's interest and the runners are expected to peak on Sunday with the Authentic Marathon.

Meteo: With ideal weather conditions, the 40th Authentic Marathon will be held on Sunday

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According to the forecast data meteo.gr/National Observatory of Athens, the 40th Authentic Athens Road Marathon will be held with ideal weather conditions on Sunday, November 12, 2023.

Thin clouds alternating with periods of sunshine, temperatures between 14 and 21 degrees Celsius, almost moderate westerly winds for most of the route and light south-westerlies in the final stages will make up the weather picture.

The only negative will be the slightly increased relative humidity. The image shows the route according to the organising authority and the weather conditions expected along it at indicative times.

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