ATHENS: Police rescue Ukrainian woman from 61-year-old man who beat and raped her

rape sexual assault athens

The authorities arrested a 61-year-old man after a 48-year-old Ukrainian woman complained that she had been the victim of a systematic beating and rape.

In particular, according to ERT, a man on Saturday morning went to the Kallithea police station to report that he saw a woman with bruises making signs to him and asking for help from a 5th-floor apartment on Theseos Road in Kallithea, Athens.

Police asked him to lead them to the spot, where they found a 48-year-old woman from Ukraine, who said that she had been the victim of systematic beatings and rape by a 61-year-old Greek citizen who kept her imprisoned in his apartment for at least five days.

The authorities handcuffed the 61-year-old after the testimony, while hard pornographic material was found on his electronic devices.

The 48-year-old was taken to the Thriasio hospital for first aid and tests.

Authorities sent a DNA sample of the 61-year-old to the laboratories to be compared with that of the victim to close the case. At the same time, they have also ordered a forensic examination of the Ukrainian woman.

The perpetrator is expected to be brought before the prosecutor with the accusations against him, which include the rape and beating of the 48-year-old woman, as well as keeping her against her will in his apartment.

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