Turkey: "The Aegean Spring Begins In Ankara," writes Hürriyet


With the headline "Redline with Larissa", the Turkish pro-government newspaper Hürriyet refers to the Greece-Turkey discussions on Confidence Building Measures (CBM) that are starting again today in the Turkish capital.

The newspaper characterises as "critical" the meeting that takes place after four difficult years.

"The Aegean spring begins in Ankara " and the role of the headquarters in Larissa and Eskişehir, which will maintain a direct line of communication between them," the newspaper wrote.

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"A meeting of military delegations aimed at opening a new page between Turkey and Greece is taking place in Ankara," Hürriyet reports.

As defence ministry delegations meet after three years and nine months, measures such as preventing interference between warplanes and ships in the Aegean and a 'red line' between headquarters are on the table," the report added.

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The publication also talks about the proposals that the two sides will discuss and issues on which there could be an agreement within the framework of the MoUs, such as:

- The safe distance between the warships of the two countries in the Aegean.

- Warplanes of one country should not fly at a low altitude above the warships of the other.

- That the warplanes of one country do not harass the warships of the other in any way

- Warships should avoid dangerous maneuvers.

"All eyes are on Ankara today, after the meeting of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Vilnius on July 13, where they decided to turn a new page," noted the pro-government newspaper.

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