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The Bathtub Massacre in Cyprus

The 1963 ‘bathtub massacre’ incident has widely been used by Turkish nationalists to generate hostility and mistrust within the Turkish Cypriot community against Greeks and to justify the 1974 Turkish military invasion of Cyprus in the eyes of the international community by portraying Greeks as aggressive and murderous. However, the truthfulness of the Turkish narrative has been challenged by objective observers and researchers.

Santa Ruins

"Santa Ruins" in Turkey: The Destruction of Greek Cultural Heritage 

The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reported on October 19 that the Santa Ruins archeological site has been registered as a “fragile area to be protected” leading some to conclude that “The Turkish government seems to have “perfected” the “art” of violating or destroying the region’s exceedingly rich cultural heritage built by the indigenous peoples of the land that Turkey largely exterminated about a hundred years ago.”