Turkish media reacts to Greece's purchase of American assault amphibious vehicles

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Turkish media reacted to Greece's purchase of American assault amphibious vehicles. The print and electronic press pointed out that the US is supplying Athens with new weapons systems when at the same time it has frozen Turkey's purchase of F-16s.

Turkish media particularly reacted to the vehicles being transferred to Greek islands that Turkey falsely believes should be demilitarised.

"The US continues to develop military cooperation with Greece. The US Department of State approved the sale to Greece of 76 amphibious military vehicles with a total cost of 268 million dollars," cites an article by the Hürriyet, entitled: "76 military amphibious vehicles from the USA to Greece".

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A report from the Haber Global network comments that: "although the relations between the two countries are on the road to normalisation, [Greece] still does not care about international law."

The report stated: "The US Congress approved the sale of the amphibious assault vehicles requested by Greece. The government of Athens, despite the contrary provisions of the international treaties it has signed, seems determined to use the vehicles it will buy in the Aegean.

"Greece, with whom relations are on the road to normalisation, again disregards international law, speeding up armaments in the Aegean. The government of Athens plans to place passenger vehicles on the Aegean islands.

"This move increases the tension with Turkey and violates the demilitarised regime of the eastern Aegean islands."

As it became known, Greece will buy from the USA 75 AAVP-7A1 vehicles and 300 M2A2 ODS vehicles, for 256 million dollars, which will serve as auxiliaries for infantry units for island recapture operations and in general for the landing of special units by sea.

AAVP -7A1s are three-man armoured amphibious vehicles that can carry up to 21 Marines. In water they develop a speed of 13 km, while they have a machine gun and a 40 mm grenade launcher.

The M2A2 ODS are armoured with a crew of three people and six infantrymen. They have a 25 mm cannon and two anti-tank missiles. They are also reinforced with strong armour.

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