Greek and Turkish Delegations Hold Positive Talks on Confidence Building Measures

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Delegations from Greece and Türkiye held a fresh round of talks in Ankara on Confidence Building Measures (CBM). The meeting was held at the Turkish defense ministry and included ambassadors, high-ranking military officials, and other senior officials from both countries. The Greek defense ministry stated that the atmosphere during the meeting was positive.

During the talks, both sides agreed in principle to implement or reactivate CBM activities in 2024. These activities will be based on a pre-agreed CBM list. Additionally, they agreed to establish a Point of Contact mechanism, which will facilitate communication and aid in the implementation of the agreed CBMs.

It was noted that the next meeting will be hosted by Greece. The Turkish defense ministry also made its own announcement, remarking on the cordial nature of the meeting and confirming that Greece is indeed set to host the upcoming meeting.

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