Special Forces of Armenia, Greece, and Cyprus Conduct Joint Military Exercises in Attica

20231114 072220

Special forces from Armenia, Greece, and Cyprus recently concluded a series of joint military exercises in the Greek region of Attica. The drills, held from November 6-10, were part of their 2023 international cooperation plan.

The exercises involved a wide array of activities, including live-fire exercises, tactical maneuvers, planning sessions, and strategy development for sharpshooters. These activities were designed to enhance the proficiency, coordination, and interoperability of the special forces from the three nations.

Throughout the exercises, the participating units actively exchanged expertise, knowledge, and best practices. By working together, they strengthened their bonds and deepened their understanding of each other's tactics and capabilities.

The joint exercises were not only an opportunity for the special forces to improve their skills, but they also contributed to regional security and collective defense efforts. Armenia, Greece, and Cyprus have a history of military cooperation, conducting joint exercises and sharing intelligence to promote stability in the region.

Furthermore, these exercises align with international efforts to enhance military cooperation and interoperability among NATO members and partner countries. By showcasing their commitment to working together, the special forces of Armenia, Greece, and Cyprus contribute to the broader goal of strengthening collaboration in the defense sector.

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