Milky Way: The comments on Twitter about Eleni Foureira's appearance

Eleni Foureira milky way

At the end of the third episode of the series "Milky Way" by Vasilis Kekatos, Eleni Foureira appeared.

The well-known singer is the idol of Maria, the central heroine of the series, who dreams of leaving her provincial town and studying dance in Athens with the ultimate goal of joining Eleni Foureira's team.

Her room is filled with posters of the singer, and when she's not reading about other planets, she studies 'Queen' music videos and copies dance moves with her four friends.

Maria's pregnancy puts a big question mark on the realisation of the dream. Feeling more alone and confused than ever, she will magically meet her match.

The words coming from the pop star's lips are enough to show her the way: "There are so many beautiful galaxies out there, far from yours!".

Watch the video:

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