Eleni Foureira annoyed when asked about Despina Vandi's clothes - "Please, it's tragic"

Eleni Foureira, Despina Vandi

Eleni Foureira was met by television cameras at the airport, with the singer making a few statements in response to reporters' questions.

But one of these questions bothered Eleni Foureira. It had to do with the critical comments that Despina Vandi has been receiving in recent days for the clothes she wears in the nightclub where she sings with Giorgos Sabanis.

“Okay, I don't even want you asking me things like that now. Do they comment on a woman on how she dresses? Please, it's tragic; I mean, we don't even need to comment on this now. Let each person wear what he likes," he replied.


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He was then asked about the choice of Marina Satti to represent Greece at Eurovision. He stated this: “I wish her to tear; Marina is very good, I'm sure she will tear. I was very happy for this choice; whatever she wants from me, I am here to give her advice."

Finally, they asked her if she had started the preparations for baptism. "It's still early, I have Amsterdam, I have premieres... Somehow, magically, four hours is like 8 hours now, until I collapse, it will show," Eleni Foureira answered, laughing.

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