Eleni Foureira: "I don't consider her a good singer, all her live shows are playback" says Nikos Mouratidis

Eleni Foureira

Nikos Mouratidis commented on Eleni Foureira in a discussion about Greek singers.

Speaking to "Mega Kalimera", he said: "Stars in Greece are Natassa Bofiliou, Eleonora Zouganelis and Anna Vissi. I don't consider any TV person to be a star. We are in the age of appearances. We don't care what it is. We don't care about the voice."

"Eleni Foureira is a worker. I don't consider her a good singer. All her live shows are playbacks," he added.

"Paola is a very good singer; she's an okay type. Giorgos Lianis had gone to drive Paola crazy. He took her to Prespes to sing Mikis Theodorakis. What did Paola have to do with Mikis Theodorakis? Sakis Rouvas stopped talking to me since I said he shouldn't have sung Axion Esti," added Nikos Mouratidis.

Among other things, he looked back on his time as a judge on a TV talent show.

"All my on-air arguments were real; I didn't do anything fake. Sometimes, they would tell us something on the earpiece, and I would do the opposite because that's what I believed. And they were cursing me on the phone," he concluded.

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