Giorgos Mazonakis swims in the sea despite winter around the corner - Watch the video

Giorgos Mazonakis

The temperature may have plummeted and the first snows have already arrived in Greece, but Giorgos Mazonakis is still in a summer mood, at least as can be seen in his most recent post on social media.

Through Stories, the singer wished his online Instagram audience of over 400,000 a "good week" from the beach.

More specifically, on Monday, November 20, he went for a swim in the sea and without revealing the exact location, he said clearly in a good mood and wearing his swimsuit: "Ladies and gentlemen, have a good week and all the best to everyone."

Watch the video:

Giorgos Mazonakis is expected to start his live performances at a well-known entertainment centre in Athens at the end of the month, together with Ilias Kampakakis.

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