KOS: 2 Palestinians arrested for sexually harassing Syrian woman on Greek island

Kos Water

A 32-year-old Syrian woman who lives permanently on the Greek island of Kos with her husband and their minor children reported to police that she is experiencing terror because of a 32-year-old Palestinian who allegedly follows her and sexually harasses her, even on a bus.

According to what the Syrian woman described to the police, the Palestinian groped her on the bus and made lewd gestures and suggestions to her, with the support of three other foreigners accompanying him, whom she does not know.

However, they did not stop there, but continued to pursue her in the city of Kos and in the area of ​​Pyli, reported Proto Thema.

The 32-year-old filed a lawsuit in which she says that, after the sexual assault she suffered, she is afraid to walk the streets with her husband and children.

The police identified the 32-year-old Palestinian and a 27-year-old compatriot, who were brought to the department, recognised by the foreigner, and a case file was filed against them for threat and insult of sexual dignity submitted to the Prosecutor of Primary Kos.

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