Four Greek ski resorts with easy slopes for beginners

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The snow in Greece may not last long, but the country has many ski resorts, well organised and with excellent facilities. From Pindos and Pieria to Parnassos and Trikala, the country's ski resorts offer easy slopes and training schools to get the baptism of fire on the slopes.

It takes patience and perseverance, but trying in the snow is fun even if you do not succeed.

Travel has compiled the four best ski resorts for beginners in Greece.


Ski Resort Mount Parnassos/ Korykio Andro/Greece Taxi Minivan Service

The Ski Center of Parnassus is the timeless hot spot of winter, especially on weekends.

Whether you come for skiing or snowboarding or just for a walk, coffee and people-watching, you stay satisfied.

The largest ski resort in Greece is located at an altitude of 1600 to 2250 metres and operates in two locations, Fterolakka and Kelaria. It has a total of 23 slopes for all levels of difficulty, 7 ski runs, 7 trails and Snow Pun Park.

There are, of course, 4 mini slopes for small children, while more than ten slopes are characterised as easy and are ideal for being introduced to the world of skiing and snowboarding.

Info: Parnassos Ski Centre, Arachova, Tel. 22340 22700,, Distance from Athens 180 km.

Food & Accommodation: Arachova has many options in hotels, hostels, restaurants and taverns. It is 25 km from the Ski Center.



The ski centre was the one that gave impetus to the tourist development of the mountainous part of Trikala when it first opened in 1985.

Since then and until today, many things have changed - the roads, the villages, the services offered.

One thing is for sure: if in 1985 someone told the few inhabitants of Pertouli that on a Saturday winter night, hundreds of people would gather at an altitude of about 1200 metres near their village to ski and dance in the snow, they would take him for crazy.

But this often happens in the winter with the night skiing nights that are organised and, in fact, are very successful. It has only three tracks, but they are quite easy and offer many other activities like snowmobiles.

Info: Pertouli Ski Resort, Trikala, Tel. 24340 91545, distance from Athens 370 km.

Food & Accommodation: Pertouli is 6 km away, and Elati, with even more options, is 8 km.



The highest ski resort in Greece is located at an altitude of about 2,400 metres and is about 36 kilometres from Edessa.

It is one of the first centres to catch snow and has many facilities, including a very nice chalet.

Here, you will find 11 slopes, six lifts, a snow playground, and a snowmobile track.

In the lower part of the ski resort, track 7 is ideal for beginners, while there is also the possibility of learning through active schools in the ski centre.

Info: North - Kaimaktsalan Ski Centre, Edessa, Tel. 23810 32000,, Distance from Athens 590 km.

Food & Accommodation: The village of Paleo Agios Athanasios is 17 km from the Ski Center and has many hostels and taverns.


Photo: Elatochori - Greece

In Pieria Ori, at an altitude of 1450 metres, the ski centre has good facilities and views of Olympus.

It has eight slopes for skiing, 1 for snowboarding and 1 for sledding, and five lifts, ski schools and chalets.

Start from the slopes of Thalia with a length of 150 meters each and with a small altitude difference to practice, and then you can try the slopes of Erato and Polymnia.

Info: Elatochori Ski Centre, Pieria, Tel. 23510 82994,, Distance from Athens 470 km.

Food & Accommodation: The village of Elatochori is 8 km away and can cover all your needs for food and sleep.

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