Marriage proposal with a zeibekiko at the bouzoukia of Larissa (VIDEO)

larissa bouzoukia zeibekiko

It is becoming fashionable to propose marriage at the bouzoukia of Larissa. Not even a month after the proposal with the first groom in a nightclub in the central Greek city, the second one came again in the same entertainment club where Caramela performed.

This time, the groom was even more eccentric and had the brilliant idea to ask for his beloved's hand in marriage while dancing zeibekiko on the dance floor, and his girlfriend clapped his hands.

Then he got down on one knee and showed her the ring, asking her to be his wife.

Amid applause from all the patrons, the girl accepted, and the singer of the club sang to them, what else of course, ..."My love, please"...

Watch the video:

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