Ellinikon: What will the underground Poseidonos Avenue look like? (VIDEO)

Poseidonos Avenue, Ellinikon

In 2025, the largest infrastructure project of Ellinikon is expected to be completed, which is none other than the undergrounding of Poseidonos Avenue.

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Based on data from the investment body, Lamda Development, at this stage, 70% of the total volume has already been excavated – with 365,000 cubic meters of soil. Over 7,600 meters of wall and 20,500 cubic meters of base slab concreting have been completed.

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The tunnel roof construction work, which started in May 2022, is in progress.

See the video:

The 1.3-kilometre-long underground route will extend from Alimos Beach to the Marina of Agios Kosmas, and according to Lamda Development, the project will make a decisive contribution to decongesting traffic on the coastal front with three lanes in each direction and the removal of 6 traffic lights signals.

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