Private building activity up 17.4% in August

Greek real estate private building

Private building activity grew 17.4% in volume in August this year and by 16.5% in the January-August period, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Tuesday.

More specifically, private building activity reported, 595 building permits issued representing 392,123 m2 of surface and 2,080,877 m3 of volume (down 4.3%, off 7.8% and up 17.4%, compared with August 2022, respectively).

In the 8-month period, building activity was up 9.4% in permits, 12.3% in surface and 16.5% in volume, in comparison with the January-August 2022 period.

State-of-the-art livestock facilities and animals to be provided to Thessaly farmers for free

The livestock facililities that will be built anew in the flood-destroyed plain of Thessaly will be state of the art and include escape routes for animals in case of new floods, officials of the Agricultural Development & Foods Ministry told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA). In addition, they will be fully funded by the state.

Livestock farm construction will be funded 100% by Measure 5.2 of the Agricultural Development Program, they said, following the September floods. The Measure foresees a total budget of 45 million euros.

This was also noted by Minister Lefteris Avgenakis at a recent event in which the Dutch consulting company HVA presented its first report on Thessaly's protection from floods in the future. The new investment is separate from the payments made by state aid for the same expenses, the ministry officials said. The building plans will include sample sheep and cattle facilities with full building details.

Free animal stock

In addition, all animals lost will be replaced free of charge, the officials told ANA-MPA. According to official data, over 115,000 sheep, goats, cattle, and pigs drowned in September's floods. Livestock farmers who want to remain in their profession will be able to replace their animals for free "without spending a single euro," the officials said, through the same Measure 5.2.

Farmers will be provided with young female animals rather than adult ones, which is expected the first months of 2024. The animals will be supplied by cooperatives and production units the ministry will identify, in order to fulfil demands and needs of every livestock facility in different areas.

Committees will be set up as well to check the animals' health before being sold, and will be responsible to supervise prices as well, while they will also provide the final sign-off on facilities ready to receive the animals.

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