Kasselakis: Support the struggle of the Palestinian Authority, not that of Hamas

Stefanos Kasselakis Palestinian

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis called on solidarity for the Palestinian Authority and not the terrorist organisation Hamas.

"The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People on this day demands, more than ever before, that we all take a stand regarding the bloodshed, the deaths of thousands of Palestinian civilians and the humanitarian crisis in Palestine," Kasselakis stated on Wednesday.

"Without mincing our words, openly supporting: an immediate ceasefire; the return of all the hostages; an end to the Israeli occupation. Supporting peace, on the basis of two states. Supporting the struggle of the Palestinian Authority, not of Hamas," he added.

Greece calls for extension of Gaza humanitarian pause

Greece expressed support for the ongoing humanitarian pause in Gaza between Israel and Hamas and called for its extension on Monday, Anadolu Agency reports.

We are firmly of the opinion that this humanitarian pause needs to create a positive momentum, a positive dynamic. And that means that we need to extend the humanitarian pause said Foreign Minister, George Gerapetritis, in an interview with the American news broadcaster, CNBC.

Gerapetritis highlighted the need to increase the capacity of humanitarian aid entering Gaza and swiftly restore essential facilities to normal operations.

Highlighting the importance of finding a lasting solution to the long-standing Israel-Palestine conflict, Gerapetritis added,

And mostly I think we need an extended humanitarian pause in order to start thinking about the day after. Because the important thing is to foresee the permanent ceasefire and a permanent solution, according to the Security Council resolutions. It is important to start seriously discussing the day after

“What matters now is to find a sustainable settlement of the situation. And that is why all governments are now exercising pressure for the extension of the humanitarian pause,” he said.

Gerapetritis also reiterated Greece’s support for Ukraine and Sweden’s NATO bid, emphasising that it would strengthen the alliance.

A four-day humanitarian pause mediated by Qatar, Egypt and the US went into effect on Friday, temporarily halting Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip.

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