Poros will become the third “green” island under the government’s GR-eco Islands national initiative


Poros will become the third “green” island under the government’s GR-eco Islands national initiative, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitostakis has announced at the COP28 conference in Dubai.

The transformation of the island would take place in collaboration with United Arab Emirates state-owned green energy company Masdar, he added.

“I very much believe in the GR-eco Islands project for the simple reason that it is easier to decarbonize a small island and lead it to a sustainable future than a big city, for example,” the prime minister noted, adding that “we are particularly pleased to sign today this agreement between the Greek government and Masdar, a world leader in renewable energy.”

The choice of Poros was “particularly important” given that it is only is short ferry from the mainland is relatively short.

“It is much easier to electrify short ferry journeys than longer journeys,” he said.

“These examples are particularly important, not least because they highlight the impact that technology can have in helping islands reach their climate neutrality goals before the rest of the country. They are important because what we have also managed to do is engage local communities and make them understand that the green transition is actually a huge opportunity for them,” he pointed out.

Government sources said that the transformation of Poros into a green island would follow the pilot example of Astypalea and Halki and is based on four pillars: the installation of a photovoltaic park to cover a significant part of the island’s annual energy needs, the electrification of the ferry connection between Poros and Galata on the mainland, the electrification of public and public transportation on the island, and the development of the circular economy with recycling and the utilization of waste. [AMNA


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