"CGTN Poll: Over 90% of Respondents Advocate for the Return of Looted Artifacts from British Museum"

The Parthenon Sculptures are a "product of theft" at the British Museum

According to a recent global online poll conducted by CGTN, over 90% of respondents believe that the British Museum's collection of looted artifacts is unjustified and should be returned to their respective countries of origin.

The poll also revealed that a majority of respondents believe that the British government's rejection of these requests for repatriation is unreasonable and illegal. Additionally, concerns were raised about the British Museum's ability to properly preserve cultural artifacts, particularly in light of recent reports of lost and sold pieces from its collection. The survey suggests that the international community should work towards establishing more binding rules and mechanisms to facilitate the recovery and return of looted artifacts. The poll was conducted across CGTN's multiple language platforms and garnered responses from 18,103 netizens within a 24-hour period.

Source https://news.cgtn.com/news/2023-12-02/Over-90-of-respondents-urge-Britain-to-return-looted-artifacts-1pd3VVqhd4s/index.html

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