Nafpaktos: "We wanted to laugh," say the minors who shared fake nude images of their classmates


The six female students from the high school of Nafpaktos who saw their faces in nude photos that had been falsified by their classmates and circulated on social media are in a bad psychological state.

At the same time, a police investigation by police in Nafpaktos is underway for the action of two students who admitted that they made fake but highly realistic nude images of six of their classmates. In fact, 18 such images were found on the mobile phone of one, while the other 13-year-old had managed to delete them before he was arrested.

According to MEGA, the 13-year-olds claim that they did this to laugh with their friends, while they claim that they did not post them on the Internet but showed them to their classmates at recess.

The Police investigation revealed that the two 13-year-olds started using the online application in question last month. After taking the nude photos on their cellphones, they would send the images to other classmates' cellphones, as well as to various internet applications such as Instagram, Telegram and Snapchat.

At the same time, the girls who found themselves in the position of the victim are supported by a social worker and a psychologist while the police officers of the Electronic Crime Prosecution are searching the cellphones of the young teens in search of other victims.

As the father of one of the students who saw their fake nude photos circulating on Telegram tells Proto Thema, the perpetrators took the photos from their social media profiles, "stripped" them and then showed them to other students.

"They were downloading their photos from social media and tampering with them. They would then put them into an app and show them to other students. My daughter learned about it by word of mouth. She learned, and she saw the photo herself from cell phone to cell phone.

"Other children have seen them and, fortunately, the principal," says the minor's father while pointing out that the case reached the authorities with the intervention of the school's principal.

"The principal's reaction was immediate. He put an end to this broadcast of girls. So far, there are two girls that we know had photos of them, and along the way, more will be found because their cellphones have been taken," he says.

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