George Osborne Proposes Temporary Swap of Parthenon Sculptures Amid Ongoing Dispute with Greece

Parthenon Sculptures

The Parthenon Sculptures, currently housed in the British Museum, have been a subject of dispute between Greece and the UK. Former Chancellor George Osborne, also the chairman of the British Museum, proposed a temporary swap arrangement during a meeting with the Greek foreign minister.

He suggested sending either a third or half of the Parthenon Marbles back to Athens in exchange for ancient Greek artifacts never seen in Britain.

However, the British Museum Act of 1963 prohibits the removal of objects from its collection. Although negotiations continue, the current legal position makes it challenging to implement such an exchange. George Osborne said he would keep pressing for a deal allowing the sculptures to be displayed in London and Athens. Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor, accused the Greek prime minister of "grandstanding" and cancelled a meeting with him, stating that the Greek side had broken promises regarding discussing the sculptures.

The situation remains unresolved, with ongoing diplomatic efforts and discussions between the involved parties.

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