Julia Alexandratou: I would have a child with a gay man, you never know how straight the other person will be

Julia Alexandratou

The model answered questions from her followers on Instagram on Sunday, December 3, and many asked her if she would have a second child.

Julia Alexandratou, who already has a daughter, Paris, responded with a long message to related questions, writing, among other things, that she would have a child with her gay friends.

In more detail, Julia Alexandratou wrote in an Instagram story:

"I would have a child with a gay man. I have a lot of gay friends that I adore and that we've talked about in the past. If I couldn't have a child, I might as well adopt, either a Chinese child, or a black child, or any child that would be in need. So, let's not get confused.

"Having a child has nothing to do with human relationships. People today are, tomorrow they are not. The child will always be.

"Don't confuse jobs, children, relationships. They are not RELATED to each other. After all, you don't know the other person, how much straight you will get."

Check out her post:

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The model then wrote to another follower who told her that "money is the goal", saying: "Nowadays all men are gay." To another online follower who asked her if she had had sex with a homosexual, Julia Alexandratou, she replied, "Of course."

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