Munich: The beleaguered Greeks are gradually returning - Flights are departing from an "ice rink" runway


An Aegean flight to Athens scheduled to depart at 08:40 is expected to take off in a few minutes, causing a feeling of relief to dozens of our suffering compatriots who were stranded in Munich due to the bad weather.

But the conditions on the runway of Munich airport are not only easy for the pilots, as the intense frost has turned it... into a natural ice rink. The second flight to Athens is scheduled to depart at 21:15.

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"We sleep on the chairs; we have no clothes."

About the conditions under which around 150 Greeks remained stranded at the Munich airport, one of them, Alexandros Karastergiou, spoke of the "unacceptable behaviour of the Germans".

"We have been at Munich airport since Friday. We sleep on the chairs. We are 150 Greeks scattered in the two terminals. They gave us a 15 euro voucher on Saturday to eat. The behaviour of the Germans is unacceptable; we go to talk to them, and they turn their backs on us," he told ANT1.

Mr Karastergiou emphasised that "every 12 hours, they call us to check in to leave. The company was giving us a sum of money for a hotel, but there is no accommodation available and no way to get there."

"They put us on the plane for many hours on Friday and took us off. Yesterday a plane left for Thessaloniki, but we weren't on it, they didn't give us priority, that was our complaint, and we are here without clothes, without suitcases..." he added, expressing his annoyance.

"As things go, we will leave after 20:00 on Monday for Greece," said Mr. Karastergiou.

Flight chaos continues at Germany's second busiest hub Munich Airport with most flights cancelled.

The airport has issued a warning to passengers: if you haven't had confirmation that your flight is going, stay at home.

Heavy snowfall hit Southern Germany on Saturday, leading to the airport temporarily suspending all flights. Public transport was also disrupted across the region.

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