Greek Trapper's Arrest Exposes Elaborate ATM Robbery Ring

don leon

In a major crackdown, Greek law enforcement has apprehended three individuals, including a 28-year-old Greek trapper named Don Leon and two accomplices aged 26 and 27, in connection with a series of ATM robberies spanning Greece.

The arrests, stemming from a police raid near Athens, unveiled a stash of weapons, explosives, and a considerable sum of cash, exposing a highly sophisticated criminal enterprise.

The suspects stand accused of orchestrating ten ATM attacks using explosives, resulting in an estimated total theft of around 710,000 euros ($770,000). Beyond the heists, the gang is alleged to have engaged in money laundering activities, funnelling large sums through the music industry and participating in casino gambling. The police operation involved identifying the three suspects, who were implicated in vehicle thefts used for travelling to different regions of Greece. The criminals breached ATMs using metal-cutting tools or explosives to access the cash within. The trio was apprehended in Kifisia shortly after committing an ATM burglary in Ermioni, where they reportedly stole 198,515 euros.

During the police operation, a significant number of items were seized, including 206,570 euros in various denominations, 1 kilogram and 518 grams of explosive material, an M16 assault rifle, handguns, pyrotechnic devices, a pyrotechnic rope, vehicle theft equipment, a metal-cutting wheel, burglary tools, spray paint, clothing, headlamps, mobile phones, and vehicle keys. Additionally, a relative of one of the suspects was arrested for violating weapons laws, as firearms and numerous cartridges were found in their residence.

The arrested individuals were leading conspicuously lavish lifestyles, showcasing their wealth in daily interactions and on social media. Allegedly, they laundered their illegal gains by spending substantial amounts through the music industry and casino gambling. Notably, the 28-year-old Greek trapper had a previous arrest in 2021 for similar crimes and was released from prison in January 2023, maintaining his plea of not guilty from the previous arrest.

Ongoing investigations aim to uncover the full extent of their criminal activities and determine if they are involved in additional cases. The case underscores the intricate connection between organized crime, financial malfeasance, and the entertainment industry, emphasizing the necessity for comprehensive efforts to combat such criminal enterprises.

The apprehension of the three suspects has unveiled a web of criminal activities surpassing the typical modus operandi of ATM robberies, showcasing the level of sophistication employed by the gang. The involvement of a previously arrested Greek trapper adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, highlighting the persistence of individuals in criminal enterprises despite prior legal consequences.

The seized items provide a vivid picture of the criminal arsenal and lifestyle maintained by the perpetrators, ranging from a substantial amount of cash to an M16 assault rifle, revealing the audacity and preparedness of the gang. The connection between the trapper’s family and a violation of weapons laws further complicates the case, suggesting a broader network involved in criminal activities.

The allegation of money laundering through the music industry and casino gambling introduces a twist to the story, linking the realms of entertainment and organized crime. The suspects' flamboyant displays of wealth, both offline and online, raise questions about the effectiveness of existing mechanisms to trace and curb such illicit financial activities.

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