Greece Claims Two Top Spots for the World's Best Fruits

1. 🇬🇷 Rodakina Naoussas Peaches Shutter stock

According to a recent ranking from Taste Atlas, Greece recently took home two titles for the top fruits in the world.

1. Rodakina Naoussas Peaches: (Ροδάκινα Νάουσας, Naoussa Peaches)

These delicious peaches, grown in the Central Macedonia region of Greece, come in a variety of cultivars, including May Crest, Spring Crest, June Gold, Dixired, Red Haven, Maria Bianca, Sun Cloud, Flavor Crest, Sun Crest, J. H. Hale, Honey Dew Hale, Naoussa Late, and Loring. While originally from China, these peaches have thrived in Greece's Mediterranean climate and soil, quickly becoming one of the country's most beloved fruits.

7. Mandarini Chiou Mandarins:

This variety of mandarin oranges is renowned for its size, quality, and high sugar content, all thanks to the ideal weather conditions, abundant sunlight, and unique soil composition of Chios Island. The fruit boasts tender, flavorful flesh with a slightly orange hue, an intense aroma, and a slightly rough membrane.

Known as "Myrovolos" (the fragrant island), Chios is instantly recognizable by the incredible aroma of these mandarins, which permeates the air even before they are ripe. Harvested at peak ripeness, these mandarins are immediately inspected and packed to ensure optimal freshness. Their rich aroma and sweet taste make them highly sought after by consumers both locally and internationally, particularly in Europe and the Arabian Peninsula. You can find them on the market from the end of May to the end of October.

The earliest written evidence of this method can be found in the French travel review 'Le Tour du Monde' from 1878. These mandarins enjoy an excellent reputation and are, together with Mastiha Chiou, the prefecture's most sought-after product. They are used as the basic ingredient in a wide variety of products such as marmalade, juice and sweets.
Also, they are often processed into essential oils that can be used in bakeries and the cosmetic industry.

These two fruits are a testament to the quality and flavour of the produce grown in Greece. With its ideal climate and dedication to sustainable agricultural practices, Greece will continue producing some of the world's most delicious fruits.

Top fruits in the world:

  1. 🇬🇷 Rodakina Naoussas
  2. 🇮🇩 Mangosteen
  3. 🇵🇱 Truskawka kaszubska
  4. 🇩🇿 Deglet Nour
  5. 🇵🇪 Lúcuma
  6. 🇮🇹 Limone di Sorrento
  7. 🇬🇷 Mandarini Chiou
  8. 🇵🇱 Wiśnia nadwiślanka
  9. 🇧🇷 Açaí Berries
  10. 🇧🇷 Jabuticaba

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