Enhanced Bilateral Cooperation Achieved at the 5th Greece-Turkey High Level Cooperation Council

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At the 5th Greece-Turkey High Level Cooperation Council, a total of fifteen declarations, agreements, and memoranda of cooperation were signed. These agreements span various sectors, including tourism, energy, trade, research, education, and transport.

One notable agreement focuses on the establishment of a new power interconnector between Nea Santa in Rodopi, Greece, and Babaeski in Turkey. This collaboration aims to increase the two-way energy flow by 600 MW. Additionally, the signed agreements encompass cooperation in fields such as agricultural crops, flood and drought management, forest fire prevention and response, combating illegal fishing, and rural development research.

Another agreement sets forth plans for an online Hackathlon competition, engaging secondary school students, higher education students, start-ups, as well as chambers of commerce and industry.

Acknowledging the progress achieved, both sides highlighted the ongoing work on constructing the second cross-border bridge between Kipoi and Ipsala. Furthermore, they announced the forthcoming meeting of technical committees and experts, where final details and timelines for the bridge's completion will be discussed.

In addition, the cooperation between Greece and Turkey in the tourism sector is set to strengthen. Both parties are committed to promoting cultural exchange and joint marketing endeavors, including the development of new tourist routes and improving travel accessibility between the two countries.

The agreements also aim to boost collaboration in research and education, promoting exchanges between universities and research institutions, and jointly conducting research projects across various disciplines.

Transportation cooperation takes center stage too, focused on enhancing connectivity and facilitating the movement of goods and people. The plans encompass the development of new transportation routes, improvements to existing infrastructure, and the implementation of joint transportation projects.

The 5th Greece-Turkey High Level Cooperation Council signifies a significant milestone in bilateral relations, underlining the dedication to deepening cooperation across diverse sectors while fostering mutual understanding and prosperity.

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